Me Made March: Week 3

During the month of March, I'm challenging myself to wear something handmade or thrifted each day. I'm posting each week how I did. You can see how I did in the first week here and the second week here. The whole idea is to connect with the clothing and accessories you choose to wear, making a conscious decision to support local designers and artists of all kinds.

Here's how I did this week:
March 12: Handmade computer part necklace from Periwinkle Dzyns in Winnipeg
           13: Thrifted scarf (yes it's still cold enough here to be wearing scarves!)
            14: Handmade necklace from Etsy
            15: Hand woven scarf (see still wearing scarves!) made by Karen women of Burma
            16: Apron made by me, fabric brought from Africa by Mr. Prairie
            17: Silk screened top from Etsy
            18: Headband made by me from an old necktie (a 10 minute project!)

To see more of what local folks are doing for Me Made March, check out local shop and handmade enthusiast, Sew Dandee's facebook event here. And if you want to see what people around the world are doing, just google "me made march 2013."


  1. A fun collection here - and very well balanced - two necklaces, two scarves, two self-made items and the lovely silk-screen top as make-weight! I like the idea of using old neck-ties to make hair-bands... might give that a try (though I'm not sure what Mr LizzieMade will say if I raid his tie collection... will he even notice?!).
    Love your apron! I was pretty pleased with a gorgeous Irish Linen apron that I bought on Etsy, but yours is really gorgeous. I wouldn't wear it for printing or glueing though (the purpose of my linen apron), as it's just too nice!
    Have a good 4th Week! x

    1. Thanks Lizzie! I hope I don't run out of things before the 31st--I might have to recruit my kids if I do. If you can't steal a tie from your husband, you should try a thrift/charity shop.


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