It's Finished!

It's taken me one year exactly, but I've finally finished my recycled t-shirt rug! I started this project last year when we were away for a few days over spring break, and I finished it yesterday just as spring break was beginning. I'm so glad it's done, and I can move on to other things!

Finished length is 132 cm (52") and I used approximately 47 t-shirts to complete it. All of the t-shirts were either destined for the rag pile, cast-offs from friends, cast-offs from thrift shops, or thrifted for $2 or less.

I knit it on my KnitPicks interchangeable needles (size 12mm), with the longest cables I could find. It got quite heavy at the end, and my hands got tired with the weight as well. I still like how the linen stitch looks with a change of colour in each row. Because it's so thick, it does feel nice under your feet too!


  1. I love linen stitch! The rug looks fantastic!

  2. That is an amazing rug...almost a shame to use it as a rug!! So pretty!!

  3. I love this so much! A fantastic finish to a fantastic project! :D :D :D

    A+ and 100 gold stars!

  4. Congratulations, the rug looks wonderful, and it has such a great story too.

  5. Perhaps I'll ask you to teach me to do this someday... if I catch up on some other WIPs!

  6. Hi Laura!
    Congratulations for your sharing of plus one finished project. I have been following this since last year.
    Your rug is beautiful and you gave me a lesson of recycling.
    It is always a pleasure see what can be done with material we don't use anymore, it can always change it's usefulness and meaning.


  7. congratulations on finishing this big project!
    proud of you girl!!

  8. Thank you, Lisa, Kat, Deb, Tawny, Margaret & Linda, Heather, Lucia and Ruth! I appreciate all of your kind words and affirmations!

  9. It's lovely! I love these rugs, they're so unique and so much work put into it! Congratulations on finishing your project :)

  10. It's beautiful and I'd love to make one myself. Can you recommend a tutorial????

    1. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for your kind words. I can't recommend a tutorial because I made this format up myself. However, if you search for "linen stitch" you would find tutorials for how to do the stitch, and if you search "tshirt yarn" you should find tutorials for how to make the yarn. It was time consuming but not difficult. Good luck!


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