Custom Coiled Basket Order

I showed you previously a little glimpse of fabric I was working on for a custom order. I'm happy to say the order is finished and picked up by its new owner, with very kind and generous feedback on the finished product.

The customer brought me her fabric, in colours that match her china very beautifully, and asked if I would make a couple of bread baskets to use at her table.

Here are the completed baskets, which were finished off with a swirl and a vintage button.

Isn't this just a brilliant idea to enhance a table setting? While the fabric alone would be overwhelming, say, as a tablecloth, in the basket form it is quite complementary! Thanks for the custom order A!


  1. I like the way you have finished them and the buttons are perfect.

  2. That is so cool, and I love the little swirl with button detail, that's a great way to snazz up those baskets!

  3. Thanks Dolores and Heidi! I worked out a good technique for the swirls this time, so I'm thinking I'll be doing more of them in the future.

  4. Gorgeous! I love how this turned out and I bet it is super special to the new owner. :)


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