Weekend Worktable Progress

I made some progress on everything I had planned for this weekend:

I completed this custom travel journal with a map of Australia. Australia has been one of my most popular requests for map journals. It seems I've made eight of them in my short career so far!

Just like Canada, it's hard to find a suitable map of Australia that doesn't split the country somewhere. I also hadn't realized until I pulled these all together that three of the maps were so similar.

I've been working on a custom order with this lovely fabric. My girls hijacked my sewing area on Sunday though, so progress is not as far as I had hoped.

I collected all my scrap yarns in blues and greens to decide which to use in my Shawl of Many Colours.

It looks like I've made a lot of progress, but the first rows are quite fast and you increase as you go. Now the rows are longer, and taking more time.

And last, but not least, I knit a few rows on my tshirt yarn rug! I've resolved to try to knit an average of 1-2 rows on it per day, and I should be done by spring!

How was your weekend?


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