Weekend Worktable

It's the weekend, and I've got work to do!

I'll be working on some new envelope sets...

...and sorting through a box of art papers, card stock weight. This box was heading to the recycling bin before it was rescued for me. It's filled with beautiful art/cardstock papers, cut and mostly folded into card blanks. I guess someone gave up on a card making venture. The papers will make nice papers for some new books I have planned.


  1. Isn't a free box of paper a total delight? I am lucky, my son works for a print company and there always seems to be piles of cut offs and end of stack papers, he gives me a box a couple times a year... I really should do a few books with them then I won't have to buy journals to write in!

    1. Susan, I'm so jealous! If you ever hear of your son having paper he doesn't know what to do with, let me know! You could easily make some nice books with fabric covers for yourself....


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