Come for a Tour!

Come for a virtual visit in my studio today! The Winnipeg Etsy Team is conducting a virtual tour of where WESTies create--the good, the bad and the ugly! Hop on over to the team blog to visit me for my turn today!

Sneak peek--see more on the team blog!


  1. Congratulations for your lovely space Laura! It seems so neat and illuminated!
    Mine isn't so clear (well, I live in a house under the street level, so natural light is very difficult. Besides, I share the room with my mother who is seamstress. Imagine all the stuff there!!

    Best regards and thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you Lucia! These photos were taken a week before a big snow storm that has now blocked off my windows completely with snow drifts!

  2. WOW look at all that CORD! : ) DId you make the beige basket!? HUGE. And I love your curtains. : )

    ~Monika who's coming to your town soon!!! : )

    1. Yes! When I started writing the post, I was going to point out everything, like my big roll of cord, but then it was wayyyyy too long so I had to edit. The beige basket is a woven/wicker basket that is currently my waste basket. I keep it close to inspire me to try making a basket that big sometime soon. I did make the curtains, mostly from a hand dying experiment many years ago.

      And I'm sooo looking forward to May!


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