Advent: Handmade Christmas Day 15

There's nothing like the smell of cinnamon ornaments to greet you when you open up the box of Christmas decorations each year! They are quite easy to make, with simple ingredients. The most common recipes use either white glue (click here) or applesauce (click here) to bind them together. It's a great Christmas craft to do with kids as well.


  1. Hi Laura!
    Thanks a lot for your sharing your Christmas preparation in the Winter!
    Here in Guarulhos city we are dealing with our hot hot Summer!!
    I like your postings, they reminded me that the best things in life are small and simple.
    Thanks a lot!!


    1. Thank you Lucia! I can't imagine not having snow at Christmas, but I guess you celebrate what you know. The best things in life are indeed the small and simple things. Merry Christmas!


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