Vineyard Sale

The Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Craft Sale was yesterday, and what a great day it was! The church was decorated with lights and garlands and much more. There were nice Christmas tunes playing, and at times live entertainment (although we couldn't hear it from our table). Delicious cookies to be bought to raise funds for a women's cooperative in the Himalayas.

The organizers were exactly that--so organized--plus friendly and so excited about the sale too. I had great neighbours all around. There was a great variety of items for sale--but mostly I was too busy to shop! The most difficult thing was squeezing everything in to one 6' table! Yikes! But I  did it:

The shoppers were wonderful! It's one thing to have friends like your stuff--thanks everyone ;-). It's totally another thing to have strangers comment on how much they like your stuff--and buy it too! This was definitely my best sale to date, and my bins were much lighter going home. Everyone around me wasn't sure whether to start packing up at 4:00 because customers were still buying. I had a customer buy 4 items from me as I was packing up! And my helper kept pretty busy all day too--thanks C!


  1. that's great Laura! we were really busy done the street too - nothing like snow to get the shoppers shopping!!

    1. So glad you had a good day too! It would have been a good day to be a shopper and make the rounds of all the fantastic sales that day!


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