Checkers Anyone?

I found a vintage well loved masonite checkerboard at a garage sale a summer or two ago. I had Mr. Prairie cut it into 4 pieces as I planned to use the pieces for journal covers. And then they just sat uninspired until now.

With the recent find of a stack of brown (kraft) paper bags at ArtsJunktion, I was finally inspired. The kraft paper was the perfect match for the board covers. Two journals are the result:

Sturdy and eco friendly, made with all recycled materials (except for the binding thread)--perfect for upcoming gift giving. To see these, and other recycled game board journals, click here to go to my Etsy shop.


  1. Hi Laura!
    Very beautiful your new blank books.
    When I read that you made Mr. Prairie cut the checkerboard for you, I remembered that when a volunteer lady gave a embroidery workshop (I think the name was Russian stitch)at the library I work, some ladies had their husbands cut some mats and put some pricks in them to make the frame. The workshop was very succesful.
    Congratulations for your lovely work, it always inspire me!!

  2. Thanks Lucia! It's great to have the support from Mr. Prairie!


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