WEST sale wrap-up

The first WEST Handmade and Vintage Sale is now part of history. It was a wonderful day and I made a few new connections in the bookbinding world. The organizers of the sale did an amazing job and from my point of view things went pretty smoothly. The marketing committee was awesome: many people heard about the sale and came out to support local and handmade. It was great to meet more team members and put faces to shop names.

I feel like a seasoned craft show vendor already! It's hard to believe that a little over a year ago I was concerned about not having enough product to fill a table! Here's my table with my helpers hiding behind the display:

This is the pre-show set up in progress. The R.A. Steen Community Centre was a great venue, with lots of space in the gym for our group. The only drawback I noticed was the half flight of steps to get up to the gym, making it tough for sellers to lug everything up to set up. Fortunately for the shoppers, there was a lift for the stairs, and I did see a few shoppers in wheelchairs (awkward for those with strollers though).

Our member table early on in the day. We had 4 fabulous door prize packages, and the winners were thrilled with their winnings. Etsy provided some promotional material as well.

A quick shot of the business of the afternoon. The shoppers were pretty steady until the last hour.

For more (and much better!) photos of the day, stop by our team blog here.


  1. you veteran you!
    your table set up was stellar!

    1. Thanks Ruth! It helps to have a mentor like you!

  2. Hi Laura!
    Lovely post, I loved seeing your logo in the table, so full of beautiful things. Congratulations for you and all sellers!

    1. Thanks Lucia! It was a great day for all involved!


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