Saturday, September 1

Summer's End

I haven't been hanging around here very much this summer. Summer is a time to be relaxing, gardening and spending time with kids off school. We finished off the summer with a week at a remote cabin and had a wonderful time!

Enjoying the evening calmness.

Getting creative with wild and crazy french braids!

Observing the wildlife. We saw an otter, a fox, 2 bald eagles, hummingbirds, fish jumping and a mouse.

Playing in the lake.

Doing jigsaw puzzles.
I hope you've had a wonderful summer too! Now it's back to work for this prairie girl!


  1. Jigsaw puzzles!! So fun. I should find one I love and peck away at it.

    1. For me they're a good way to relax. Never do them at home, but at the cabin, why not!


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