Ready for Adventure?

Are you always looking for adventure? Or are you looking for a gift for the thrill seeker on your list? I have the perfect books for you!

Here's a new blank journal, upcycled from a book with a fabulous cover. It's hard to believe this was left in a box by the side of a road in Toronto. Thanks to my friend Erin who rescued it and passed it on to me!

My Risk journals are made from an unwanted game board:

Or maybe you'd like to choose the book covers for me to make into a journal. I have books for or about boys:

And adventure books for or about girls:

What will your next adventure be?


  1. Just found you blog via My Sweet Prairie, so hi, first of all.
    Using book covers for journal covers is a great idea. I have begun to use the contents of some of my childhood books that have been read so much that they are falling apart and I have a couple of decent covers. I am going to follow your example and have a go at creating a notebook with them.
    Thanks for the inspiration :-)

    1. Good luck Louise! If you haven't done much bookbinding, you can find loads of good tutorial videos on youtube.

  2. Hi Laura!
    Thanks for sharing your bookbinding adventures, your last blankbook are very beautiful. I hope I can make some new of these until Christmas. Your blog is always a pleasure to see.
    Best regards!!


  3. Thank you Lucia! These would make great Christmas gifts--I'm sure you will find some great covers where you live!

  4. I love these! Adventures on the roof of the world is so perfect for a journal!
    New TeamEcoEtsy Member

  5. Hi Jamie! Nice to meet a fellow team member here. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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