Monday, August 13

New Risk Journals

I've added a new game board to my series of recycled game board journals: Risk!

These are larger than my Scrabble and Monopoly journals, at 22 x 14.5 cm (8.75 x 5.75”). In these journals you can plot all your strategies for upcoming moves in your life! What would you use a Risk journal for?


  1. Fun! Would probably appeal to men, and the name has it's own incentives... you can spin it as a journal for adventurers and risk-takers!

  2. Thanks for the great ideas Lisa!

  3. Very beautiful blank books, Laura!
    I love when you recycle gameboards to make these jewels, it is very inspiring.
    Thanks a lot!!

  4. These are incredible! I love the "life strategy" parallels to the game of Risk. Very cool product.


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