Fabric Jackpot

Oh, my goodness, I now have so much fabric I will  need at least three lifetimes to use it all up! And I think I need to build an addition on my house to store it all....

A very generous friend gave me all these bins of fabric yesterday! She saw my coiled mats and baskets at a spring craft show (she was at a neighbouring table) and knew I could use fabric in any colours and styles, including weird and wild prints. She's been sorting through her mother's fabric collection and finding new homes for it all, and I was lucky enough to receive all these bins FULL.

Thanks so much, Beth, for your generosity! Now, off to the sewing room....


  1. great score. great that you got the bins to go with the fabric too.

  2. wow! holy mother lode!!! does this mean the fabric storage now over shadows the shelves of books??


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