Garage Sale Finds

My neighbourhood has a tradition of having a garage sale day on the Saturday before Mother's Day each year. This weekend is also "Free Day" in Winnipeg, where people are encouraged to put unwanted goods at the curb with a sign saying "free" for others to take, and save from the landfill. Today turned out to be a beautiful day, so the girls and I spent the morning wandering around the neighbourhood in search of great finds and freebies.

Here's what I came home with:

The books were all free, as was the electric frying pan. The only purchase I made for myself was a great big bag of fabric, including quilting cottons and silks, for $5. Not bad, eh? S picked up some books and C found a summer dress, so we were all successful. Plus everything we set out at the curb was picked up by noon today!

What is your best garage sale find?


  1. oh man . . . I feel like I could do Free Day some serious justice.

  2. Erin, we never see so many trucks in the neighbourhood as on Free Day! You might have to elbow your way in on your bike!

  3. Hi Laura,

    I awarded you a Liebster Blog Award. I really enjoy the variety of medium you showcase in your blog! See the details on my blog post of May 12 at


  4. I scored a VW van full of goodies at my neighbour's moving sale. They were packing up and going to donate it all to a charity, when I asked if I could have the leftovers for the Westgate sale. So we packed it up and hauled it away for them and we were all happy. Does either of your daughters want an art portfolio? There's a medium sized one in the stash.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer!

    Brenda, it's great to see more Winnipeggers getting into the free day and donating to thrift shops! Great for the Westgate sale and all the students!

  6. What great finds! Love the idea of a Free Day! How cool.

  7. Hi Bee! The Free Day is a great way to give away stuff so it doesn't end up in the garbage, and find stuff you might need. I love it!


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