Crafty Minions Wrap-up

I brought my camera to Crafty Minions on Saturday, but neglected/forgot to take any photos while I was there. I had a table between Mike of DragonNerd and Donna from Pure Paper Extract. Traffic was quite slow all day but I did make enough sales to cover my table fee plus a little extra. I want to stay on the list for Crafty Minions until the Christmas sale, and then reevaluate, and participants at the last sale get preference for the next sale.

The good thing was that I got quite a bit of work done (when I wasn't stocking up on books for $1 each in the store downstairs!). I finished sewing all the game board books that I had prepared. So I have more Scrabble and Monopoly Journals to list in my shop once I get the chance to take some photos of them (it's too grey today).

And this stack of books that I bought will someday make some new rebound journals....


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