Coiled Mats Progression, Step 4

I showed you a picture of this coiled basket in progress a few posts ago. I finished it shortly after that post, but it wasn't until today that I had a chance to take some photos of the finished basket.

This is the largest basket I've made so far, at 28 cm across at the top, and I'm really enjoying the process of shaping these structures! For this one, I've added handles at the top on each side. What would you use a large basket like this for?

You can see more photos and details of this basket and others in my PrairieThreads Etsy shop.


  1. since i've got baby on the mind, why not use it for a photo prop in a baby photo shoot? (if you could get baby to curl up enough)

  2. Laura! Awesome. I love all your bright colours. You've made so many of these, are you even starting to put a dent in your fabric stash? :)

  3. Ashley, that's a wonderful idea! I don't know a lot of infants right now though, do you want to make a trip to Manitoba soon?

    Erin, I think my fabric stash keeps growing despite my work. Take a lot at my finds today--will post shortly.


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