Remember that bag of fabric I picked up at a garage sale on Saturday for $5? When I emptied the bag, I found lots of great fabric, including a stack of quilting fabrics, cut into strips the width of fabric by about 10", lots of flannel pieces, cut a little smaller than the quilting cottons, about 3 metres of gold corduroy fabric, about 2 metres each of white and light blue broadcloth, plus several metres of other silky type fabrics (I'm not up on those names, sorry!).

And, along with the fabric, everything was covered in pet hair! I wanted to throw it straight into the washing machine, but there was one other obstacle--a few straight pins. The woman I bought the fabric from said she had been starting to sew some pillow covers when she broke a needle on her sewing machine. Instead of replacing the needle, she packed up all the fabric and quit sewing. So, in the bag, were numerous pieces of fabric that were pinned together too! After removing all the pins, I threw it all into the washing machine together, thinking if those silky fabrics weren't washable, I didn't want them! Everything came out beautifully, and now I need to get working on some new projects.

My ambitions are:
-darker blue fabric, bottom left ----> large enough for a new tablecloth if I just hem the edges
-quilting cottons -----> some new fabric journals to start with
-silky fabrics -----> a scarf or two for myself and or daughters
-flannels ----> thinking about serging some squares and using them as "un-paper towels" to reuse
-corduroy ----> big enough for a bag or two
-broadcloth ----> who uses broadcloth these days?? Any ideas on what to use this for?

I guess I have my work cut out for me now.....

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  1. good haul. I'd use the broadcloth for foundation piecing, like string blocks, or the base for other stuff, like tea cosies, or even for templates and patterns.

  2. Nice find! It's great to see what you plan to do with it all!

  3. I agree. If the fabric doesn't survive the wash, ya don't want it. Good find!

  4. Ah, the finds of a garage sale! The season is just starting! Lots of plans for your bag of goodies! Love the colours of it all! Looking forward to seeing some of your projects!

  5. great find! you are so bold to put out there all the things you want to do with the pieces - good luck getting it all done!!!

  6. I was worried there for a moment that you'd have had a tangled mess on your hands after the wash, glad that every thing came out nice.

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by! Now that you've read this post, I guess I'll have to be more accountable in getting everything done!

  8. I just love a bargain. My husband just came home with a BIG storage box filled with quilting cotton he found at a yard sale. So much fun to paw through! Yours was a good buy, too.

  9. Grandma Coco, what a lucky find!


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