Artisans Market Wrap-Up

I was at the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library's Spring Artisans Market on Saturday and Sunday at the West End Cultural Centre.

Set up done, ready for the doors to open!

On Friday night I was at a concert there, and was trying to figure out where all the tables would be set up for the sale. I thought the only space big enough would be the concert area, but I was wrong. Just off the foyer was another large room where 8 tables/booths were set up. Next to me on the left was Beth, of Bernettes, who made beautiful quilted and embroidered pillows, artwork, and bags. On the right was Helga, who made the softest and most beautiful wet felted items. Too bad I can't wear wool--her scarves were so lightweight and in lovely colours.

In the room were also sellers of fine porcelain and photography..., needle felting and hand painted items. On the right is Kathy's booth--Kathy is a fellow WEST (Winnipeg Etsy Street Team) member, known on Etsy as CowsandUdderThings.

And another 7 tables were set up in the foyer:

Out here were sellers of honey, fine etched ivory, handpainted light switch covers, cards and other paper goods, hand painted silk, and another WESTie, Linda (and Margaret) from Cloverleaf Art and Fibre.

There was lots of room for people to walk around and view each table, which might be needed for Christmas shoppers, but didn't seem to be needed this weekend (sadly). Traffic was steady on Saturday, and sales were OK, but the numbers on Sunday were far from successful. I'm thinking it was because it was a very nice day out, plus it was Earth Day, so I imagine everyone was out enjoying the outdoors rather than thinking about shopping. I think most of the sales for everyone on Sunday were to other crafters!

The best part of this sale was the group of crafters. In my room, everyone was so friendly and interested in what everyone else was doing. I enjoyed getting to know a few more people in the Winnipeg crafting community. My favourite purchase of the weekend was this piece of framed art by Beth Wolchock-Brown, my neighbour for the weekend.

My photo doesn't do it justice. The colours are very rich, and actually the wall is a much deeper colour as well. I love her combination of silk screening and patchwork with hand and machine embroidery.

Now the question is, did I spend more than I made this weekend? Perhaps I don't want to know the answer to that!


  1. Looks great - glad Saturday was a good day, but pity about the lack of visitors on Sunday. I suppose a fair at a venue where there are outdoor activites on offer - and perhaps an ice-cream/cake/coffee shop/stall inside, would bring more people on a sunny day!
    Hope you made enough sales to cover the cost of the stall and leave a bit over.
    I like the banner on the front of your stall - it's definitely worth doing this, as your stall stands out so well in the photo. Nice green cover on your table too.
    Taking notes..I may do another craft fair myself at some time...

    Have a good week!

  2. You have really hit the ground running with your table set up! so professional looking
    spring sales are a real crap shoot, so weather fickle!

  3. Thanks Lizzie and Ruth! I'm definitely feeling more comfortable with my table, and being behind it! I did notice at this sale, that most sellers didn't have a sign, or it was much smaller and more likely to be missed. I'd like to pick up a collapsible book shelf or a few small crates to use as shelves sometime. On my list for the future...


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