Happy Feet

My feet are very happy this week! I finally finished the felted wool slippers I started so long ago!

I used this pattern, by FrenchPressKnits on Etsy. I had the parts knit up fairly quickly. There were four pieces for each slipper.

Then I delayed felting them for the longest time. I was thinking it was an impossible task that they would shrink small enough to fit my feet. I made the recommended size, but when I compared the pre-felted slipper to the slipper I was currently wearing, I thought there was no way it would work--they seemed so huge!

I had used this wool before for felting, and made this bag for a friend:

I interspersed some fuzzy yarn to add some texture to the bag. I think I sent this through the washing machine two or three times before it had tightened up enough for my liking. I ended up sending the slippers through the washing machine about five or six times until I thought they were tight enough to fit, but finally they did! Then I sewed on the tab and buttons from my stash and they were done. Now I don't want to take them off! They are warm and cozy, and they don't slip off. The heel is designed to hug your foot, and it works really well.


  1. They look like something my feet could use. It's been chilly here for a couple of days.
    I think your slippers look great - and they are my colour too.

  2. Thanks Dolores! With this warm spring, they are almost too warm already! Can't wait for bare feet....


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