A Case for Handmade

Last week my coworker came to me and said, "I'd like to put your recycling skills to use." Hmmm, I wondered what was coming....she was at the last craft show I was at, so she knows what I make. Then she pulled out her yoga bag...

...and wondered if I had any fabrics to remake it, reusing the strap and drawstring. A closer look showed it was so poorly made and the seams were falling apart...

A woven nylon was used, with no finishing on the seams, so the fabric just frayed and pulled out of the thread.

My suspicions were confirmed when I looked at the tag....

She didn't have any preferences for colour or fabric type, so I found this in one of my bins labeled "fabric to reuse:"

A cute kids' denim jumper with little flowers embroidered all over the fabric. I measured up the old bag, removed the parts to be reused, and a few hours later I had this:

I added a little zippered pocket on the bag for keys or a watch. I took it to work today and she was very pleased! Yay! There's just no comparison between this and the original bag. The fabric is stronger, seams are serged, aesthetically pleasing....in this case handmade wins hands down!


  1. ... and it's Pretty too! A lovely job, well done. You could start your own Yoga Bag shop....

  2. Thanks Lizzie! I have been thinking about adding more bags to my PrairieThreads shop, so this was good practice!

  3. That is so pretty! Much better than the original!

  4. I made several yoga mat bags with upholstery samples an Amy Butler's free pattern. They are all being used so I'm happy.

  5. Hi Dolores! Upholstery samples would be a great fabric for yoga bags--interesting patterns and very durable.


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