Where In the World have all my Journals gone?

When I feel I need a little pick-me-up, it's nice to review what I've accomplished since opening up my Etsy shop(s) almost 4 years ago. One way of doing this is with the Map feature on Flickr.

Maps are not only one of my favourite materials to use in my journals, they are also great to use to track where I've sent my items. 

When photos are uploaded on Flickr, you can click the "Organize & Create" tab at the top to access more features. Then click on the "Map" tab and you can drag your photos on to the map. Probably most Flickr users use it to show where the photos were taken, but I use it to show where the items in the photos were sent. 

I'm not the most faithful at uploading photos to Flickr, but looking at the map helps motivate me to do it more often. It's so amazing that items that these two hands have made have travelled all around the world to be in someone else's two hands!

I think I've sent something to about 8/13 Canadian provinces and territories, to 40/50 US states including Alaska and Hawaii, to several European countries, to Australia and New Zealand and parts of Asia. I haven't sent anything directly to Africa or South America, but I know my journals have traveled there! If I could make a second map on Flickr, I'd make one for all the travel journals I've made, and which maps were used!


  1. Oh wow that is SO cool to see! Congratulations!! ; )

  2. Thanks so much Monika! You should do the same with your postcard swaps and your art!

  3. There is something wonderful about knowing where your journals have traveled. Maps are more than just locations, they are a record of your journals travels. Imagine how your art has spread around the world!

  4. nice idea! for the first 2 years of my Etsy shop I put little stickers on an actual map that I hung in my studio. Some how it got taken down during a clean up and now I have no idea where it went....maybe it's time to revisit it!

  5. How exciting - we have been trying to work out all the places your books have gone. Such fun!
    I do love to think of where my items have gone too. Lots of them are now in USA - various states; several in Canada, a few in Australia, a couple in New Zealand, then France, Spain, Germany and various places in the United Kingdom. I know that one is currently mid-flight to Mauritius, where it will be a Guest Book at a good friend's wedding!
    This is such a fun post - and I can see why it gives you a lift, I really like to think of my work being scattered all around the globe, making people smile!

  6. I agree, Quinn--there are a lot of memories and emotions stored in maps as well!

    Ruth, I think I would try a wall map if I had the wall space!

    Lizzie, I should have enlarged the UK map and you could see if any of my books landed close to home! Maybe your books have travelled close to my home too!


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