Colourful Scrappy Recycled Journal

This journal is one of the rare things I've made that I can say is 100% recycled. I try to use recycled materials as much as possible, but often there's something that just can't be--like thread!

I made this Colourful Scrappy Recycled Journal on a whim, trying to think of how to reuse a set of black covers from a coil bound book. I often receive supplies like this from friends, with a "can you use something like this?" And I usually can!

So instead of trying to figure out a binding with the existing holes, I flipped them around so they would be on the foredge. I filled the book with a scrappy collection of miscellaneous papers and bound it together with waxed linen thread trimmings from other bindings. Then to decorate the edge, I tied on a colourful selection of yarn scraps. My kids thought I should have added eyes on the cover as well!

This one was only listed 10 days ago, and now it will be on it's way to Japan! Sayonara!


  1. love it! I agree on the eyes, monster journals are so much fun!! but this is so great and colourful

  2. It's very beautifull work. I love the colors. Congratulations. Grettings from Spain

  3. Thanks Ruth and Carol! It's fun to just let yourself play sometimes!

  4. This is so HAPPY! Great thinking outside the box. :D

  5. Thanks Cindy! I have to do more like this just for the pure FUN of it!


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