Coiled Mats Progression, Step 3

After mastering circles, ovals and coasters, I decided the next step would be to add another dimension to my coiled mats. I went UP with them, and made bowls or baskets!

It's quite exciting to see a three dimensional object emerge on my sewing machine from the very flat materials that I start with. There is so much potential with this, I need a few more hours in each day!

Rainbows are a wonderful way to use up loads of fabric scraps, and they turn out so beautifully! While I would love to make this bowl available in my shop, my kids have begged for this one to stay at home. So until I have the chance to make another soon, I must give in to my children for a change!


  1. I love what you are doing with these! Wonderful fabrics, too.

  2. I really like how your bowls turned out. I've been thinking of making some of the coasters but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I have all the supplies necessary so I should just do it.

  3. very fun. can you bring one tonight to show us?

  4. Thanks Margaret and Linda--so far all the fabrics are scraps or thrifted!

    Thanks Mary-Kay--coasters are a fun and quick project. Once you start you'll quickly get addicted!

    Thanks Brenda! You'll probably see some of your fabric scraps in these!

  5. I love seeing your coiled fabric creations! I need some more hours in the day so I can make pretty things with my scraps too. Yours are just gorgeous!

  6. Thanks Casey! I agree, maybe a 36 hour day?


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