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I have completed numerous journals that customers chose from the many vintage books I have listed in my shop. Since I can't make these fast enough to list them all in my shop at once, I try to give people the chance to find the right book to have made into a new journal. They are listed in my shop (section: Rebound Journals) so you can choose which book you would like for a journal. Turn around time is about 1 week (plus shipping time). Here's how a few of them turned out:

Andersen's Fairy Tales from 1956:

I was really pleased with the black and white harlequin paper to wrap the signatures paired with the pink thread! It matched perfectly!

I still have Aesop's fables and both English and German versions of Grimm's fairy tales available.

A French Reader from 1903:

I used a Victorian style paper for the endpapers and to wrap each signature.

L'art de conjuguer (French verb conjugation guide) from 1966. This book is still being used in Canadian schools today. I tried to convince my daughter that she should use this vintage copy, but she insisted on the newer copy with 16000 verbs (and was probably better off)!

Since this journal was heading off to France, I used maps for the endpapers.

I still have the Spanish and Latin books available.


  1. Laura, you're so faithful to your blogging! And always so interesting. I need lessons. Oh, wait. Maybe I just need DISCIPLINE! Let's see if I can find that on line somewhere . . .

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words Cindy! I usually feel very undisciplined and irregular here myself so it's nice to hear words like yours.


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