Studio Clean-up

I had lofty goals of reorganizing everything in my studio during my week of holidays last week, and cleaning up a lot of the bins and boxes of mysterious supplies I'm hoarding gathering for future projects. Well, that didn't happen, at least not in ways that would be visible to a visitor to my studio! But here's one improvement I've made recently:

This corner had stacked wooden crates for shelving, staggered to give a few extra inches of usable space on each shelf. It was filled with tins of sewing supplies, some books and other random supplies. My books were in 4 spots around my studio. That has now been replaced with this:

Thanks to a coworker who had some bookshelves that were no longer needed! Isn't that a big improvement? Now all my books are together! So maybe I can't do my whole studio all at once, but I can do it in baby steps...


  1. That looks AMAZING!

    I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure I could craft & make non-stop for the next five years and not run out of craft supplies.

    But there's alllllllways new cute things that I don't own!! *whimper*

  2. Yep, baby steps...that's the secret, I've been told. Unfortunately, I seem to vacillate between baby steps and crawling!!

    Your book shelf is wonderful!!

  3. "Baby Steps" sounds good to me. I also have a huge mess of accumulated "stuff", which I had hoped to sort out over the holidays. But no, still there... I think I need to make a project of it and try to re-organise one part of it per week... Def. need to throw some stuff away (oh no...). I am very bad at that.
    Good luck - love the smart bookcase!

  4. Thanks Erin, Deb, Lizzie and Ashley! I definitely could do a lot of creating before having to run out for supplies!


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