New Quilt

I'm working on a new quilt for my youngest daughter C. She wants more of a scrappy look, so we browsed online looking for inspiration, and came across this quilt by audreypawdrey. We decided to use this disappearing nine patch design for our inspiration, but instead of making tiny 2.5" squares, we would start with 4.5" squares.

C helped choose all the fabrics, both from my stash, and those offered by members of my quilting group (thanks guys!). After cutting all the 4.5" squares (38 black and more than 304 random fabrics), I put her to work laying out the blocks.

Our guidelines were simple: a block with black background in the centre, and there had to be some contrast between the corner blocks and the in-between blocks.

Sewing the nine patch blocks together was relatively simple. Here are the finished blocks in random arrangement:

The next step is to chop all those blocks through the middle both ways, like this:

And this is where I'm at today. After all the blocks are cut, we'll randomly rearrange them to be sewn back together (that's why it's called a disappearing nine patch!).


  1. Love the colors here! And the purple quilt is just amazing--I love the mix of traditional and contemporary themes.

  2. Thanks so much Quinn! It's definitely going to be a bright and busy quilt! I was very happy with how the purple quilt turned out, but more important is that my daughter really likes it and it suits her personality.


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