Goodbye Ruth

Today we said goodbye and buried my mother-in-law Ruth. Ruth was 82 when she passed away on November 18. Although she had not been well in her later years, she spent many years before this loving and caring for many many children, including her own five, then many foster children, followed by the numerous children she cared for in her home day care. When she could no longer care for children, she began collecting and caring for dolls.

Not only did she maintain her own collection, she also nurtured well loved dolls back to life that had been donated to the MCC thrift shops, carefully washing their hair and knitting or crocheting new dresses for them. These dolls were then returned to the MCC thrift shops only to find love with another child somewhere.

Ruth is now in the arms of her Maker. We will miss her dearly.


  1. Oh Laura! hugs to you and yours.
    So brave of you to still do your first craft sale on the weekend!
    You are one strong lady!

  2. the part about washing the dolls hair and knitting new clothes for them is so touching!
    What a wonderful lady, may she rest in peace.

  3. Thanks Ashley and Ruth! I really appreciate your sympathy and kind words.


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