Craft Fair Wrap Up

I survived my first craft fair! Here's me behind my table just before the sale began:

The Creative Collections Craft Fair was in one gym of the Crescentwood Community Centre (apparently they have used both in previous years). It was a pretty cold and dull setting, about as much atmosphere as a gym can provide. The arrow below is pointing to the back of my table.

The day started off slow, but picked up after about an hour and a half. I did make some good sales, but I'm not sure that the crowd that attended was the right crowd for me. I invited a lot of friends, and I'm so grateful that many of them came and showed their support to me! I'm guessing that about 75% of my sales came from my friends who attended. From the general public I had only a few very interested customers who stayed awhile and made some wonderful purchases. However, in general the interest from the public was less than ideal. My best sellers were my Rebound Journals, my paint chip notepads and my fabric coiled mats.

I was also very happy to finally meet a few more Winnipeg Etsy Street Team (WEST) members, who allowed me to take photos of their tables. Here's Tawny from TawnyBee,, she has a fabulous sign for her table was very resourceful in the equipment to display her hanging items at the table!

And Nancy from NancyBlokland Pottery. The basic black table coverings allow her beautiful pottery to really shine!

Sharon from Monkey Business Card Company had a great way of displaying all those colourful sock monkeys in tiers but I'm not sure what she used.

And Serena from Heavens Earth steals her bathroom mirror to set off her art pendants on her table!

There were a few more WEST'ers there, some I met and some I missed, but I didn't get any other photos. I hope others had a good day!


  1. I'm so glad you had a good time! I think you and your booth looked great!!! Do you think you'll do another show? It can be really super fun when you hit the right market- which of course is easier said than done. It is pretty fun when your friends come out to support you though too. :D

    Great job!

  2. great recap Laura! now that you have your feet wet we need to find you the sales where folks will appreciate your unique items!!

  3. Great stall set-up Laura. Your books looked lovely and I like the fabric items too.
    It's great that you made sales - and so good of your friends to support you. Perhaps there were not so many "public" sales, but don't let it put you off trying another fair - there are sure to be plenty where the "right" customers will come along.
    Good luck with the next fair!

  4. congrats on making it through your first craft sale! your table looks great!
    I bet through some trial and error you will find the right craft sales for your wares. Your work is great!

  5. Terrific recap Laura! I bought a sock monkey for my little guy from Sharon. He's going to love it on Christmas morning. :D

  6. Well there you are! Nice to see you. : )
    ~Monika in Saskatoon

  7. Your set up was really cute, Laura! I can relate to the "right crowd" issue. But I've had a couple of people follow up with me since my last show to make purchases after the fact. So you never know!

  8. You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for your support and kind words! It makes it so much easier to tackle something new like this!


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