Sunday, October 30

Just Off my Needles

As the cold is setting in in Manitoba, my eldest daughter is very happy that I finished knitting her some mittens today. I did volunteer to make them, although I think she keeps a list of ways to keep from spending her clothing allowance on necessities like mitts, and "have mom make them" would near the top of the list!

She wanted an all-over cable pattern and a colour that would go with both her brown parka and red fall jacket. I used this All-Over-Cable-Mittens pattern from Kari's Crafts, which I found through Ravelry. I used some brown acrylic yarn that I had in my stash, knitting 2 strands together to get the right gauge.


  1. Lovely pattern - that is gorgeous! I'm sure your efforts are appreciated. Brownie Points to Mom!

  2. Those are beautiful! I think once I finish off this blanket I have really gotta hunker down and start a more ambitious knitting project (i.e., one that isn't a square or rectangle).

  3. Thanks Emily, Lizzie, Ashley and Erin! It's nice that I can still make something for my teenager that she'll wear! Erin, mitts are actually pretty easy, but you probably don't want to start with cables.


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