Cartonnage Day 2

Sue's sample box
On the second day of the class, we had a choice of what to do first: make a rectangular box with a hinged lid or a hexagonal box with lid. The class chose the rectangular box because some thought it would be easier because of the 90° corners! (Little did we know...)

We started with an open rectangular container, gluing and taping all the joints/edges.

After choosing from the wonderful marbled papers available, we then covered the box. One of the benefits of attending workshops is that you learn lots of little tricks to make your work better--like how to get nice corners when you are gluing. (Now if only someone can tell me how to keep my fingers clean and not get any glue marks on my box!)

Next was the wrap around lid. This was covered as one continuous piece with hinges, so our measurements and spacing had to be just right!

And here is my finished box, with the two pieces of the clasp sliding together as you close the box:

By the time we finished the box with the hinged lid, it was getting late in the afternoon. We had time for Sue to demonstrate the construction of the hexagonal box, but not enough time to make one ourselves. Based on Sue's demo, it looks a lot easier than the first box, so I think it will be doable at home sometime.

Thank you Sue for travelling from Minneapolis to Winnipeg to teach our group! It was a wonderful way to spend the weekend!


  1. wow! what an awesome weekend you had, next time you hear about one of these most excellent workshops you will have to share

  2. the clasp box with its marbled papers looks a real sweetie!

  3. Hey Ruth, I will pass on the information next time I hear about something like this.

    Yes, Ronnie, it's a great design! I wish I could say I thought it up myself...

  4. Both days of cartonnage look luscious! What great boxes/containers.


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