Quilt Show Inspiration

Yesterday I was lucky enough to while away a few hours at the Pine Ridge Quilt Show by the Pine Ridge Quilters. It's so rejuvenating to step away from life's everyday demands and just enjoy and be inspired by the work of others. My apologies that I don't have the names of individual quilts and quiltmakers to share with you. Here are some of the quilts that inspired me:

The fabrics and gradations are beautiful, the red and black are wonderful contrasting accents,
and the background fabrics are many different off-whites. Very dimensional!
This was a gorgeous quilt from fabric scraps. If you look closely (see photo below), you will see fabric with writing from the instructions from fabric panels and such.

The little stars within some of the larger stars made me smile (see closeup in photo below).

I don't normally go for safari prints, but this quilt is a lovely example of effective use of them.
Bold and bright colours. The square blocks were made then slashed, mixed up and reassembled.
As with the safari prints, I was surprised that these food prints look really good in this quilt.
A perfect quilt for picnics and to use as a tablecloth!
Fun and funky colours mixed with traditional quilt block patterns.


  1. Oooh love the first & last ones! Oh I can't wait now! Our show is Oct 20/21 !! : )
    great post!
    sewing in Saskatoon

  2. Great choices Monika! Will you be showing some of your quilts in your show? I have only been brave enough once to enter something of mine.

  3. I really like the idea of the all scrap log cabin one! I have such a mess of small pieces that I'd love to eat up in a project like that . . . though I feel more into knitting at the moment :S

  4. I could probably make a couple of these with all my scraps! Since I joined a quilt group, I've seen more of what you can do with scraps, and don't throw much away! Now to get these quilts out of my head and onto a bed! ;-)


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