Quilt Group is Back in Action

After a break over the summer, my quilt group is back in action. Since one of our group members is expecting a baby and we all feel the excitement, we decided our challenge for this year will be to each make a baby quilt to donate to a worthy cause. More on that in upcoming months.

We had a little time of Show-and-Tell at our meeting this week, on the baby theme, I'll start with some baby quilts a couple of people are working on.

Anne is making this quilt with donated fabrics for a charitable organization. I love the mix of very busy fabrics with the bold solids. Bound to make a child smile when it is done.

Brenda is trying to whittle down her scraps with this one.
And for older children:

Karen is making this one for her middle son.
Here's an example where panel printed fabrics can be cut up
and combined with other fabrics so effectively.
I think some of these fabrics glow in the dark as well.

Karen (we have two Karens in our group) is making this flying geese quilt
for her daughter. Did you  notice that some of the geese are flying against the stream?

A detail of Karen's lovely hand quilting, "love Mom."

Audrey is making this t-shirt quilt for her athletic daughter-in-law from lots of her sporting t's.
She discovered by accident that the sashing fabric glows in the dark
when she shut off the lights in her sewing room.

Brenda made this t-shirt quilt as a commission.

We all have unfinished projects stashed away.
Heather decided she was never going to make this kit,
so she gave it to Cheryl who is almost finished with it!


  1. That's hilarious that it glows in the dark! :D

    I LOVE the t-shirt quilts. Very cool. The BIG SQUARE blocks are striking.

  2. Erin, you'd love that daughter S painted eyes on her pj shirt with glow in the dark paint! I love the arrangement with the large blocks as well--I'm all for asymmetry!


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