Never Give Up

I made this custom order back in May. The customer wanted a large rebound journal to use as a wedding photo album as their wedding was very vintage in theme. After determining her needs, and what I could offer, this is what I came up with:

A large book, approximately 29 x 20 cm in size, on a nature theme with simple but elegant illustrations on the front cover.

Coptic bound, and for such large books, I like to have a lot of pairs of stitching to keep it very sturdy. The last thing you want to worry about when viewing treasured photos, is a loose binding.

The endpapers are hand-marbled (by me!) and matched the colours quite well. A light japanese paper with gold threads for the fly leaf adds a touch of elegance.

While this book was made in May, and was sent to New Zealand promptly, it seems to have had its own travel plans, and finally arrived at its destination last week. This is the first time in my 3 years of selling on Etsy that I have had an incident with package delivery. Hopefully it will be more than another 3 before another issue comes up. Thank you Therese for being patient and for always being kind and understanding in our many emails! I hope it was worth the wait!


  1. Oh Laura you must have felt ill thinking it had been lost in the mail! streehhhhhssssful!

    What a creation, though! Great cover art.

  2. I had a similar experience with a package to Australia, very frustrating! so glad it did finally show up for your customer

  3. Erin, the worst was knowing I couldn't make another journal just like it and send it off. That's the problem with OOAK stuff.

    Ruth, I hope your incident had a happy ending.


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