Books in Progress

While I've been escaping to quilt shows, what I've been escaping from is this:

Cutting and gluing over 20 sets of covers for new travel journals...
...and this:

Cutting and folding pages for same travel journals...
...and some of this:

Cutting, scoring, folding, and adhering loads of map envelopes.

Why am I so busy? I've signed up to do my very first craft show this fall! I've always been reluctant to do this, because I have a day job, a family, and loads of other excuses! Sometimes it's hard to make enough stock to fill my Etsy shops, let alone a table at a show. But this year I decided to take the plunge with a local community centre show. So now I'm trying to accumulate enough product and plan my display--I may be calling on you for help and advice as I go along!


  1. oh my goodness......those stacks of folded maps and papers look absolutely delicious (and can i just say that i have a pretty good idea how much time it took to do all that work!)! i'm so happy you decided to sign up for your local craft show......i think your books and map envelopes will be a huge hit! you go girl for taking the plunge! xoxo

  2. Thanks so much Lori! I appreciate your support!

  3. So glad you have taken the plunge! I know all the positivie feedback will be so good for your creative soul.
    BTW, I have 2 more (now 3) large atlas's for you - I'll bring them Wed to the WEST meeting K?

  4. Thanks Ruth! I'll be there on Wednesday!

  5. Oh I love paper products! And you are making journals with maps. What a cool look....there is so much work to do for a show, but you will feel so good about having accomplished it in the end.

    Off to see more of what you do.
    Ciao Bella!


  6. Hi Carmelina! Thanks so much for stopping by! I know preparing for the show will be a lot of work, but it will be worth it in the end.


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