All in a Day's Work


It seems that summer is over, and the fall harvest time is now! The tomatoes are ripe for the picking, and this year is the best harvest we have ever seen, with the juiciest, most delicious tomatoes we have ever grown. So today I donned my apron and made a double batch of Salsa.


Doesn't it look good?

Believe it or not, I am still making items for my shops! It's just with vacation time and summer schedules, I don't have much time to take photos and update my shops.....hope to soon!


  1. yummers! its so great to see so many people growing and preserving their own food!

  2. Yum! I can't wait to live somewhere where I can have a garden to grow tomatoes like that!!!! That salsa looks fantastic!

  3. Ashley, my garden is really very small, with half a dozen raspberry plants and half a dozen tomato plants this year. (Oh, and the apple tree too!) We don't have a lot of sunny spots in our yard. But this year the tomato harvest has been abundant! It could quickly turn into a full time job if you grew enough other produce to preserve!

    Erica, you have a nice garden in your yard--maybe you could squeeze in a tomato plant here and there?

  4. looks yummy! I'm happy to finally have a good crop too.

  5. Thanks Ruth! And what do you do with yours?


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