New! Coiled Mats!

You could stay I've become addicted. Once you make one of these coiled mats, you'll want to make another, and another, and well, you get the idea.

So I've been digging into my scrap bin and slicing up found fabrics, then wrapping and stitching, and wrapping and stitching some more. They are a wonderful way to use up lots of scraps and even the ugly pile. Yes, even the uglies look great when they are used in this way.

They are so much fun, and each one I make is my new favourite! Opinion is mixed in my household as to which looks better--even colour tones throughout, or rainbow splashes of bright colour. What do you think?

I've made a few for my PrairieThreads Etsy shop and I even made one for a gift using the selvage edges of fabric. If you look close in the photo below, you can see the colour dots and writing from the selvage edges.

You can use them under a hot dish, as a mug rug, with a flower arrangement, under a plant, for teacher or hostess gifts, as a hat (my daughter's idea!) and much more!

To see all the coiled mats currently available for purchase, click here.


  1. they are really cool! my favorite is the first one, i love all the colors!

  2. and i forgot to ask, what is that metal thing in the 3rd picture?

  3. Thanks Ashley, I'm leaning toward the more colourful ones as well. The copper tube thing is a kaleidoscope, or more accurately, a teleidoscope, since you look through it at the environment, not at any little colourful bits included within. It's part of my small collection of kaleidoscopes.

  4. they look great!!!I'm trying to come up with a good journal idea for you...lovely stuff

  5. I like the purple and white one! thanks again.

  6. Thanks Victoria, and ideas for journals and custom orders are always welcome!

    Brenda, I still really like the way the last one turned out too!

  7. How cool are these... Have you ever made a big one like a rug?

  8. Thanks polwig! I have not made one large enough to be a rug (yet) but it's a great idea!

  9. love your coiled mats - saw a similar thing years ago but never got around to trying it out -- yours are so much prettier than the ones I remember...


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