Meet Tawny Bee!

The TransCanada Etsy Team has begun a blog series featuring our hardworking and creative members! Learn about their lives, their creative processes, how they wound up selling on Etsy, and more.

The first in the series is Tawny Bee from Winnipeg (yay Winnipeg!). Tawny describes herself as "a mommy who loves to sew, sing, do the hokie pokie, dance, do terrible impressions of semi-famous people, and share my craft with the world!" Her shop on Etsy specializes in Accessories for Children, various geekery and mama products.

To read more about Tawny and her creative process, click over to the TransCanada Etsy Team Blog. Tawny will also be posting some of her tutorials for fun projects to sew there.

To see all of Tawny's fabulous creations visit and from now until June 9th, use the coupon code: TCETFEATURE2011 for a 10% discount of your purchase.

Don't forget to check out Tawny's blog, Facebook, and Twitter too:


  1. Aww thank you Laura for such a lovely write up. I'll definitely have to steal this idea and show off some of the next featured talent on my blog :)

  2. I love Tawny's blog and so appreciate all she does on the WEST team, not surprised she's part of another awesome team!

  3. You are welcome Tawny! Thanks for all you contribute to the TCET (and to WEST)!

    You're right Ruth--Tawny's blog is a great mix of creativity and family fun!


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