BEST Book Swap

The theme from our most recent Bookbinding Team swap was "fits in an envelope." The idea was to focus on smaller books that could be sent letter-rate in the post instead of parcel rate.

I received this beautiful notebook from Cindy, of UsefulBooks. Here's what Cindy says about this book:
In the process of playing around with paint and Kraft paper a couple of years ago, I developed a cover material that I use to make soft cover books. It's flexible, strong and wonderfully textured, resembling leather but cruelty free. I knew that Laura of Prairie Peasant, a fellow EcoEtsy member, would enjoy this little double pamphlet book made from a piece of this material and scraps of paper from larger projects.

The covers do feel amazingly tough, and not too visible in the photos is some very lovely subtle stamping on the covers as well. Thanks so much Cindy! 

And above is the book I sent to Katie. I was inspired by the freshness of spring, with birds all around and spring buds opening up, for the star (or lotus) book that I made for this swap. On the covers I used my own handmade paper, which has daffodil petals in it. The ribbon I used to wrap around the book for closure reminded me of a birdsnest.

With Mother's Day approaching as I was making this book, it seemed fitting to use illustrated pages from an old reader about a story of a clever mother bird protecting her children (from a snake) for the pages. All the pages have sweet images of the mama bird and her young ones.

To see all of the books in the swap, please see the Bookbinding team blog here.


  1. Thanks, Laura! I'm really glad you like it. It is tough to convey some things in pictures.

  2. Wow! Everything is so cool! How can people do that?

  3. Yes, Cindy, it's gorgeous! Thanks!

    Hi Emma! Thanks for stopping by and for following my blog! There's no limit on what you can do when you let your imagination lead you.


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