A Little Thank you

This was a quick thank you gift I made for the hosts of a cabin we stayed at recently with our family. For the covers, I used one of those special occasion poetry gift books. Often they have lovely embossed covers and are found frequently at used book sales. This one had a really pretty reproduction of vintage wallpaper as the endpapers, so I didn't change anything--just cut off the spine, cut and folded the pages and stitched it together!

What do you do when you need a quick thank you gift?


  1. Well, up til now, it's been pairs of pocket notebooks - either pamphlet-style, with stiff paper covers and ribbon ties, or flip-over matchbook style (only tall) shopping list books. But now, it may be re-purposed covers, made into little books, a bit like yours! That is a gorgeous little book to give as a present.

  2. Thanks, Lizzie! Pocket notebooks would be a nice thing to have on hand as well. I've got an idea for a new style of notebook (new for me), so we'll see if/when I can carry that off!


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