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Usually when I make my Rebound Journals, I use books that I have scrounged from garage sales, library discards and used book sales. Often the bindings are broken and the books are damaged in some way. Recently I had a customer ask me if I could do a custom order for her using her White's Fine Edition of Wuthering Heights. After negotiating paper, shipping and price, she sent me her book.

I was a little scared to cut into it--it was such a beautiful book! The book covers were illustrated by Celia Birtwell, who has an interesting history in textile design. I used the flyleaves as new endpapers when I prepared the covers.

For the pages I used a bright white 90 lb Canson Mix Media paper, made with recycled content. The original book was quite thick, and the customer wished for her new journal to be the same thickness.

The little red flowers inspired the use of red waxed linen thread for the binding.

I was quite pleased with how it turned out, but until I receive feedback from a customer, I'm always a little anxious about their response. I was very relieved when she left me this wonderful feedback:

"I asked Laura to do this custom order, though never having ordered anything from her before. It was a considerable risk to me, seeing as my item was costly and I had never ordered from her before. I am amazed at my item! It is a ton better than I even imagined it would be! I'm very happy with my custom item, and will definitely be back for more!"

Thanks so much for your kind words Katy! It was my pleasure to create this for you!


  1. it's lovely! I can see why the customer was so pleased!

  2. Oh! It turned out beautiful. Awesome work! :D

  3. Thanks Tawny and Periwinkle! She's sending me another book or two to make into another journal!

  4. You know I have trouble using beautiful journals but this one looks so inviting...just calling to have it's pages filled with with dreams and ideas.
    Amazing job!

  5. Thanks Heidi! This will indeed be a very special journal for someone to fill.


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