A Necklace of Raindrops to Brighten Your Day

This bright and whimsical journal was made by my youngest, C, who is 11. She made this for a birthday gift for a friend, M. My kids enjoy making gifts for those who appreciate handmade, and M, who is a very creative girl herself, really loved this one.

 The book itself was purchased at a used book sale and the binding was damaged with pages falling out.

C did almost everything herself, from choosing, cutting and folding all these random and scrappy papers, organizing them into signatures, and binding with a double needle coptic stitch. The only thing I did was glue the new endpapers into the covers.

I wouldn't mind one like this for myself!


  1. What a beautiful piece of work! If you hadn't said it was done by your daughter, I'd have easily believed you had made it yourself - it looks very well made.
    I love how she's chosen papers and binding threads to co-ordinate with the original cover.
    Whoever is the lucky recipient of this gift, will be thrilled to bits!
    What talented children you have, to be sure!

  2. Thanks Lizzie! The important thing is that the kids are enjoying their creativity!


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