Money, Money, Who's Got the Money?

I made this little money themed book for a team challenge with the TransCanada Etsy Team. The theme was quite broad: create "something odd."

On my last visit to Arts Junktion, my local art recycling centre, I picked up a box of banking envelopes. You know, the ones that you use at the instant teller when you make a deposit? They were my inspiration, and I used them for the pages.

On the covers I used handmade paper from Botanical Paperworks (also picked up at Arts Junktion) which has shredded Canadian dollar bills in it (and not just small denominations either!). (Side note: I don't know if they still make this paper--their focus seems to be on plantable paper now.)

To finish it off, I used a nickel for a button closure. And in case you've never tried drilling through a coin, it is extremely difficult! This is a very limited edition!

Take a look at the TransCanada Team's blog to see the other entries in the challenge, and vote for your favourite by the end of the day March 4. My Balanced Book Mini Money Journal is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.


  1. this is really cool! i can't imagine drilling through coins, that must have taken forever. but i love the bank envelopes for paper. so creative!


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