BEST Book Swap

Here's what I received in the most recent Bookbinding Etsy Street Team book swap

These 4 little chapbooks were handmade by Karleigh Jae. Each book has 10 pages of 80lb Smooth Soft White Mohawk Solutions which Karleigh Jae says is wonderful for graphite, ink and mild water mediums. The covers of the chapbooks are made with four different papers: Amate Bark Paper from Mexico, Unryu paper from Thailand, Lokta from Nepal and a marbled paper from India--and they are all beautiful! The little set was presented tied nicely together with pink waxed linen thread. 

You can see the book I sent off here and here.

Along with these sweet little books was another surprise in the envelope. Karleigh Jae also sent a piece of leather for me to play with. I have to tell you, this leather is the softest leather I have ever touched! If this is the same leather she uses in her books and sells in her shop, you too could be in for a treat! It provides a wonderful sensory experience--how am I ever going to cut or glue it?


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