Quilt Inspiration

I could have spent the whole weekend of the quilt retreat walking around and seeing what everyone else was making and I would not have been bored! I took a lot of photos, but I'll try to highlight what I found the most inspiring here.

Laila's African batiks pop out with the black borders. Did you know that most African batiks are actually made in Holland?

Kathy's applique representation of a wrought iron gate in Jerusalem.

Jenny's batiks. If you look closely, you will see some detailed embroidery on many of the centre squares in her blocks.
Tena's hexagons, totally hand pieced and hand quilted--truly a labour of love!
Inchy squares, this one is flannel. I love scrappy quilts like this. If you count the squares, there are over 5000!
Heather's "There's a Square in There" blocks, made by stacking 2 prints and 2 background fabrics, slicing it up log cabin fashion, then sewing them back with a mixture of print/plain for each block. Fun!
Bonnie's pile of brightly coloured strips. You can see just a corner of the paper pieced log cabin blocks she was working on in the top right corner of the photo.


  1. I have been loving your quilt retreat posts, especially the hexgon quilt in the recent one - this is how I've been doing my very first quilt, but with squares - its only taken me three years to finish all the blocks!!

  2. Thanks Maudie! Your quilt blocks are beautiful, and I admire your hard work and determination in handpiecing them all!


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