Habitat Project Complete

I have finished my project for this sale!

It's a good thing, because it must be delivered to the store by March 1! I just have to take some photos of the finished pieces before I go. I'm not sure when it would be best to reveal what I made here, so I'm going to wait a little bit. I will show some photos of my work in progress now though:

I used my teeny tiny hand drill to drill the holes in the boards. It worked really well! After drilling the straight holes, I just eyeballed a 45° angle and was fairly accurate. My youngest daughter labeled my storage box for my drill a few years ago--isn't it precious?

An unforseen problem with the drilling was that after I started binding the book, I had to go back and redrill all the holes a little bigger. This meant using an electric drill, as my hand drill only supports the smallest of drill bits. But it was easier with the small holes acting as a guide. I ended up breaking 2 drill bits (maybe something foreign in the particle board filler?) which necessitated an evening run to the hardware store, but these things happen.

I can also tell you I painted the boards using watered down Golden Fluid Acrylic paints. I painted an area, then wiped the paint off to give it more of a milk paint/stain effect.

And lastly, the finished books have a bit of leather from my scrap bin. Stay tuned for the reveal coming soon....


  1. Dear Fellow WESTer,
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    See you around real soon!
    Milena / Just the Goods

  2. squeee! can't wait to see! I'm not quite done mine but will scramble this week to get it in by Friday! see you at the wine & cheese?

  3. Thank you Milena!

    Ruth, I'm looking forward to seeing what you make! I'm going to try to make it to the wine and cheese but the timing is bad with kids' activities, and across town....

  4. Can't wait to see! Looks beautiful. :)


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