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I have a confession to make: used book sales draw me like a magnet. My shelves are overflowing with once loved vintage books that I use for my Rebound Journals. Unfortunately (or not?), I have way more books than I can use to make into journals at the present time. To help remedy this situation, I've decided to create a new type of listing in my Etsy shop, allowing you to choose from my many available books that special book that you would like to see in a journal. I will then use a variety of reclaimed/recycled papers for the pages, and send a most original journal on its way to you.

Here are the ones that I've been able to list so far:

Several Trixie Belden books

French and Latin study books

Canadian Spellers

Green is the common thread in these language books

Medical related books, both fiction and nonfiction
I've only had these up a short time, and I've already sold this one:

What type of book would you choose for a journal?


  1. It would be either a speller (I excelled at it) or a Trixie Belden. Any Annette or Lennon Sisters books? They were similar to the Belden books (perhaps the covers never survived...)

  2. Those Trixie Belden books are a blast from the past. but their content isn't memorable -- I read them but don't remember anything more about them, except she solved mysteries.

  3. oh, I would love one made from a
    80's era computer programming book or maybe one from Dracula or maybe a hardcover Harlequin because that's just funny to contemplate that they even exist...

  4. Dolores, I haven't heard of Annette or the Lennon Sisters. I'll have to keep an eye out for them.
    Brenda, I never read Trixie Belden as a kid, but I do find that a lot of books of that generation are not very remarkable.
    Ruth, I'd love to see a hardcover Harlequin! I'm always on the look out for geeky books with interesting covers thought.

  5. i have tons of Trixie Belden books at home - she as my favourite mystery when i was a kid - probably what led to my passion for reading mysteries as an adult. i have an almost complete agatha christie collection too. but while i can't imagine converting mine into journals, i think that this is SUCH a creative idea for using old books.

  6. Thanks for stopping by angelika! While I would never suggest someone part with a treasured book collection, I have no problem reusing damaged, discarded and unloved books into journals. I am an avid reader now and I wish I would have valued books more as a child--I have no idea what happened to any of the books we had as kids.

  7. this is such a cool idea! love it!!!

  8. Thanks Julie! If we lived closer we could scour the used book sales together!


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