Weekend Worktable

I found out this week that I was accepted into this event:

It's Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg’s 2nd annual “ReCreate”– A ReStore Art Sale happening the week of March 16. This year's theme is EXTREME GREEN. Artists are given a voucher to shop at the ReStore for materials, and can use any other recycled materials in their work. The work will be on display at the store in March, and I believe it will be an auction type sale. Last year they raised about $5000 for Habitat!

So now it's time to head on across town to the ReStore and see what I can find to inspire me.

My plan is to make a book of some sort, but what form it might take depends on what I find at the store. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with the project and congratulations on being accepted for it (but whyever wouldn't you have been?!).
    Do show us what you find at the "Re-Store" and the finished project?

  2. Thanks Lizzie! I was thinking they might have been wanting things along the "fine arts" line, rather than what I consider to be more practical arts. I also know of a great jewelry maker in Winnipeg who also got accepted, and I'm really curious to see what she'll come up with.


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