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In my family, we pick names for gift giving; we call it a "Christmas Box." My parents, siblings, spouses, and all the younger generation of grandchildren are included, so we only have one gift to focus on. We have a monetary guideline and gifts can be handmade or purchased. 

My brother picked my younger daughter's name, and gave her this really beautiful print called "loVe is a symphony" by New Zealand artist Amanda Cass. When I asked him how he found this artist and this print, he said he did a google search for "violin gift," and this print came up and reminded him of my daughter, C (both my girls play violin). My job today is to find a suitable frame from my stash and get this hung in C's room. And what was C's reaction to this gift? "I think this was my BEST gift!"

Here is Amanda's description of herself and her work:
Hi everybody I’m a creative carefree spirit living among the vineyards in Marlborough New Zealand I am a self taught Artist and Amateur photographer that has slowy gravitated to the world of digital and hasn’t looked back as this is a world of possibilites where my imagination takes over and overflows with ideas…....... My assignment in this world is to help spread love all over the world with the help from my series
of quirky carefree girls inspired by Love, life and freedom, my style is a combination of my art mixed with digital where I then like to bring it to life in a naive simpilistic way with messages of love that anyone can relate to afterall love conquers all:)
Quote -‘If I paint from the heart nearly everything works; if from the head almost nothing”.

Amanda's work can be seen and purchased through RedBubble.com.


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