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I spent the weekend away from home at a Quilting Retreat. It was wonderful to get away from the city and sew with friends old and new. Now I need to spend some time organizing my photos, and plan on showing you lots of quilt inspiration here on this blog soon. This photo was taken out the window of the room we were working in. We shared the retreat centre with 2 other groups, and a couple of folks from one of the other group went out with snowshoes in the fresh snow and wrote this for us! They were very brave, considering it was about -30°C at the time!


  1. thanks for posting that. I missed seeing it in person.

  2. How wonderful! I've really been wanting to go on a retreat myself! Hope you had wonderful fellowship with other creative souls! ♥

  3. I can't wait to see more photos! That sounds like so much fun!!

  4. Brenda, I was glad I saw the snow writers just as they were finishing!

    Cori Lynn, the wonderful thing about a retreat is not only do you get time to work on your own projects, you also get inspiration and help when you need it from everyone else.

    Erica, it was fun, and I think you'd like this kind of thing! More will come soon!


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